How to Easily Backup iPhone to Windows Computer?

When your iPhone storage space is running out of space, you can backup your iPhone data to a computer and free up some iPhone storage. Besides, if you have important files like photos, videos, and contacts that matter, you can create an iPhone backup in a safe place like your computer or an external storage device.

You can use iTunes to backup your iPhone. But you may not satisfy with it because iTunes has some drawbacks. For example, iTunes backup the whole iPhone data and save the backup files on C drive by default. Then in a long term, these backup files will take up a large part of your system drive space, slowing down the PC’s running speed.

To backup your iPhone flexibly and avoid your C drive is used up, you can refer to the following content, we will demonstrate a better way to backup your iPhone easily.

Best iPhone backup software

To backup your iPhone easily and flexibly, you can turn to AOMEI MBackupper. It is a professional yet free software to backup iPhone. With this tool, you can easily backup an iPhone to your Windows computer or external hard drive within a few clicks. And you can save the backup files on any location on your PC. 

In addition, this tool owns many advantages making it to be the best backup tool, such as

  • Fast backup speed: After many tests, AOMEI MBackupper gives a much faster backup speed than other tools, like iTunes and iCloud.
  • Restore to different another iPhone: After the backup is finished, you can restore the backup files to another device or even an iPhone using a different Apple ID.
  • Selectively backup iPhone: You can choose one file type and one or several files if you don’t want to back up the whole iPhone content to save space and time.
  • Great compatibility: AOMEI MBackupper is compatible with all iPhone models, including iPhone 13/12/11/X/SE 2022 series/8/7/6, as well as iPad, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, and iPod Touch. 

How to backup iPhone to Computer with AOMEI MBackupper

Connect your iPhone with your computer. Your iPhone may send a prompt to ask for authorization. Just tap “Trust”. Then follow the steps below to see how to backup your iPhone.

  • Fully backup iPhone

Step 1. Run AOMEI MBackupper, tap “Full Backup”. 

How to Back Up iPhone to Computer Without iTunes

Step 2. Once the Full Backup program is launched, click “Full Backup”.

iphone backup

Step 3. Choose a storage path. If you need to backup private data like “Health”, or “Keychain”, you can enable the backup encryption. Then click “Start Backup”.

restore iphone from itunes backup

Tip: If you want to move iOS files to an external hard drive, you can connect it with your computer, and choose it as the backup storage path.

Then the backup process will start. To restore the backup to your iPhone, you can choose “Full Backup” on the main interface and click “Full Restore”. 

  • Selective backup iPhone files

With the “Custom Backup” feature, you can easily back up photos, videos, contacts, messages, and music to the computer.

Step 1. Run AOMEI MBackupper, and choose “Custom Backup”.

backup iphone to computer without itunes

Step 2. Click each icon to preview and choose the data your need. Then click “OK”.

Backup iPhone to Windows Computer

Step 3. Choose a destination to save the backup files. Click “Start Backup” to start the process.

can you backup iphone to windows computer

When the backup process is complete, you can enter Backup Management to restore/manage the backup files.

  • You can click the triangle icon to have an incremental backup. It will only backup the newly added data.
  • Clicking the icon will view the backup content. 
  • You can click the pin icon to view the backup files in Windows Explorer. 
  • You can click the Restore to restore the files to your iPhone.

how to backup iphone to windows computer without itunes


This is all about how to backup the iPhone on Windows. As you can see, AOMEI MBackupper makes it easy to backup the iPhone to a Windows computer. You can backup all iPhone data with the Full Backup feature or choose photos, videos, contacts, and messages to backup.

Besides, it is more than a backup tool. This tool also comes with various features helping you manage iPhone data. For instance, the “iPhone to iPhone Transfer” feature enables you to clone iPhone to another iPhone, so you can keep your data when have a new iPhone.

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