Best Hard Disk Cloning Software to Migrate HDD to SSD

Why Choose Cloning Software to Migrate HDD to SSD?

First, if you want to upgrade to a larger hard drive, or transfer data to an SSD, the quickest and easiest way is to use disk cloning software to move the data. Especially when the disk you want to clone contains an operating system because various partitions are involved, it is impossible to manually copy the Windows system, and you also need to use cloning software to help you. 

Cloning software can help you clone Windows applications, settings, and data to another drive. In some cases, you can even put the cloned drive on a different computer, with a different motherboard, and use it normally. This is not only fast and convenient but also will not lose any data.

The Best Free Hard Drive Cloning Software to Migrate HDD to SSD

When you need to clone HDD to SSD free of charge, you can choose a safe and reliable disk cloning software to help you achieve the goal. The free clone software AOMEI Backupper Standard is your best choice. It is a full-featured free disk cloning software, including multiple functions such as Disk Clone, Partition Clone, and System Clone, which can meet your different needs. 

It can help you clone HDD to SSD easily. After cloning, you can successfully boot your computer with the cloned SSD so that you won’t encounter the problem that Windows booting from the wrong drive. It also has the following advantages.

  • Intelligent clone: In default mode, it only copies used sectors, so you can easily clone a larger HDD to a smaller SSD if you need it.
  • SSD alignment: When your target disk is an SSD, this function can speed up SSD’s reading and writing speed.
  • Sector by sector clone: It will clone all sectors, whether they are used or not, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden partitions.
  • Multiple disk types: It allows you to clone hard drive to HDD, SSD, external drive, USB flash drive, etc.
  • Many different systems: It supports Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista etc.

Step by Step Guide: How to Clone Hard Drive to SSD 

Next, this article will introduce how to clone a hard drive to SSD using AOMEI Backupper Standard. This software is easy to operate and the user interface is concise and easy to understand. You only need to follow the graphic tutorial below. So, even if you are a novice can quickly learn the whole process. Before starting the disk cloning process, you need to do some preparations to ensure that subsequent cloning will work better.

  • Back up important files of the SSD, because, during the cloning process, the data on the target disk will be deleted.
  • Make sure the SSD can be recognized by the computer.
  • Download the free hard drive cloning software – AOMEI Backupper Standard and then install it.

Step 1. Open the AOMEI Backupper Standard, click Clone > Disk Clone.

Hard Drive Cloning Software

Note: The Standard version only supports 2 types of Disk clones. The first kind is cloning MBR to MBR (system disks), and the second is cloning data disk. If you need to clone disks between two GPT disks or between GPT and MBR disks, you can upgrade to the Pro edition.

Step 2. Select a hard drive as the source disk then click on the Next button.

hdd to ssd cloning software

Step 3. Select SSD as the destination disk then click on the Next button.

best free ssd cloning software

Step 4. Tick SSD Alignment to make the SSD perform better. Then click Start Clone.

Best Hard Drive Cloning Software


  • Edit Partitions: This feature allows you to change the partition size automatically or manually (advanced version).
  • Sector By Sector Clone: This feature can clone all sectors and it requires the destination disk to be the same as or larger than the source disk.
  • You can also clone M.2 SSD to a larger M.2 SSD with this professional cloning tool.


This article introduces the benefits of using cloning software to migrate HDD to SSD and the best hard drive cloning software – AOMEI Backupper Standard. As a free disk cloning software, it can easily help you clone a hard drive to SSD. And after cloning, you can directly boot the computer from the cloned SSD. 

Its intelligent clone feature allows you to clone a large disk to a small disk, which is very useful for cloning to SSD since SSDs usually have less memory than HDDs. Its SSD alignment feature also improves the read and write speed of your SSD.

In addition, it provides a variety of other functions, such as system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file restore, universal restore, etc. to fully protect your computer security. You can download this software to explore more useful functions.

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