10 Tips to Choose Good Domain Names for a Website (2021)

Have you ever thought that choosing Good Domain Names also helps to succeed in your website?

The definition of Good domain names is – short, easy to remember, defines the niche of the website, and can be accessed worldwide.

15 Tips to Choose Good Domain Names for a Website (2021)

Use Short name

If you want to start a blog then you should go for a short domain name i.e. a domain URL having up to 10 characters. This can help in SEO because you can optimize your blog post’s URL in search results easily.

Easy to Remember

However, if your website has good content then people will visit again and again to find new pieces of stuff. But what will happen when they forget about your site name because of being hard?

Only a Few People bookmarks website in their web browsers to visit again. So you should choose a good domain name that is easy to remember.

Defines the niche of the website

This is the most important thing that you should consider while purchasing a domain name. Always try to use keywords in your domain name that are relatable to your website niche.

Ex: Suppose a person is searching for a Mobile review article, then he or she will probably click on domain names like mobilereview.com or anything else which is relatable to his query.

Also, if you use keywords in your Domain name then it can rank your website easily with the desired keyword. It also gives a green signal to Search engines and they show your articles in SERP easily.

Use Domain Name generator Tools

There are many free tools on the internet that can help you to find your desire domain name. All you have to do is just enter one or two keywords and then you can see thousands of domains list.

They also tell you if the domain is available or not. Here are some websites that can help you to find a perfect domain name for you.

Go for the .com domain

.com domains the first priority of every user. These domains can be accessed worldwide and .com domains are always trustable, secure, and also helps to read the search engine’s bots and crawlers.

Sometimes Don’t go for .com

If you are trying to target any specific country then you should not use .com domains. In that case, you can use the country TLD.

For example, You are thinking to make a blog of the Indian market and wants to target only Indian visitors, then you should use .in in your domain.

This shows the trust towards the domain and most importantly you will get huge traffic from the local audience.

Check DA, PA, and Spam Score before buying

Buying good domain names can be easy but always check the authority, spam score, and backlinks before buying. Otherwise, you can lose your money and you can’t do anything.

Thousands of websites every day go penalize in search engines because of copyright, using black hat techniques, Spam backlinks, etc. If you buy any of them then you can’t rank in search engines.

Also, if you buy an expired domain name having Good DA PA and quality backlinks then this will be a goon for you. You can easily get ranked in SERP within few days.

You can easily check DA PA, Backlinks, Spam Score, and many other things on websiteseochecker.com. Just enter the URL and you can see the magic.

Check the domain history via Wayback Machine

When you go to buy another house, don’t you ask about its old owner and that house? This one is worth checking because it can give you a glimpse of the previous version of this website.

You can easily check the domain history and can easily see the older website with the help of Wayback Machine.

All you have to do is just enter the URL and it will show you all history of that domain. Hover on the calendar and click on the coordinates and that’s it!! You can see the entire website with its design and files easily.

Research before buying

If you will search on Google about domain buy then you will get thousands of results. Many companies run ads to gain more customers. So they have to manage both. Basically, I want to say that check the price of a domain on several sites.

Many sites offer good domain names under $10 and if you will apply some promo codes then you will also get discounts.

Always buy from good authority sites like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bigrock, etc.

Never go for free

Many hosting companies offer free domains with hosting but usually, they all are fake. You can’t even earn a penny over those websites. Your website can be deleted anytime and you can’t do anything.

You can’t get everything for free. You will have to invest some money and then you will get the results.

Thank you!!

I hope you will probably understand the factors for buying good domain names. If you have any queries, please ask below via the comment section.

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