How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem [Full Guide]

WhatsApp Web is a best solution for running WhatsApp on your PC. Nonetheless, many people do not use this feature even if they have a computer or laptop. Most of them don’t even know how to properly use this or some face problems too. In this article you are going to read How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem. So let’s get started.

WhatsApp is best messaging android app which gathers all the contact from your phone and you can send message, photos, videos, files or you can share your location easily. It also gives you a great feature in which you can upload your own DP so people can recognize you easily. By using this app you can do many things. I am not going to tell all the features of this app because our main focus is to solve not working problem.

You can use any android emulator software for your PC. But this seems too big for this, WhatsApp provides online feature where you can use your WhatsApp on Browser of your PC. But sometimes, many users face WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem. So let’s solve this problem, Follow the instructions carefully.

How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem

If you use WhatsApp Web and facing some problems on opening it. Now I am going to give you 3 best solutions for this. I hope these will help you a lot. Share your thoughts us below via Comment.

[wpsm_numhead num=”1″ style=”2″ heading=”3″]Check the Internet Connection Of Your Phone[/wpsm_numhead]

Most probably, the issue happens due to the incomplete connection of an internet connection on your phone. So, how can you check it?

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First of all, Open your WhatsApp and send a message to anyone and wait until it get sent. If the message didn’t send then you probably have some issues with the internet connection. Try to turn the WiFi on and off. Then, search for available networks.

Also, Try to forget that network and Don’t forget to turn flight mode on and off. You may also try rebooting the phone.

Most probably, the issue happens due to the incomplete connection of an internet connection on your PC. You know WhatsApp Web needs your phone and computer under the influence of the same connection.

Check the internet connection of your PC. If there is an error, try to forget that network and also Restart your PC. Sometimes, if you are using Windows 7 your wifi software may get crash. So you should try another one.

If the problem didn’t fixed yet, then you should really check your router or you may consult with a mechanic.

Sometimes, Your browser caches some cookies which is not good for your browser, so this problem occur. So, how can you fix it? Just follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1: First of all, Open your Chrome Browser and open

Step 2: Then you have to click on Secure label right before the URL. You will understand by seeing the below image.

whatsapp web not working

Step 3: Now Click on the cookies.

Step 4: Then select inside the box altogether. And, hit the Remove button there.

That’s it!! I hope this will definitely solve your problem. Now Restart your Chrome browser and you will see WhatsApp Web working.

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