How to Secure your Whatsapp Chat with Fingerprint Lock

Hey Guyz, Here is a good news for Whatsapp beta users. Now according to the new Beta update, users can enable Fingerprint Lock to secure their Whatsapp chat. However this feature is only working on Whatsapp beta new update for android users.

Now a days, Privacy is becoming a major problem so Whatsapp is here with a new Security update for Whatsapp Beta Android Users. You can easily enable this feature in your Whatsapp beta, You will not have to download any 3rd party app.

Secure Whatsapp Chat with Fingerprint Lock

Recently, Whatsapp released the new update 2.19.221 for Whatsapp Beta users and In this update they have enrolled “Fingerprint Lock”. This is the best thing that Whatsapp has plan to launch under the security. Now your Personal and Important data will not be stolen.

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However this Feature is not available for Whatsapp Android users now, but they might get this update soon. This feature is only working in the new Whatsapp Beta update 2.19.221. If you have not updated and you are not using Whatsapp beta, so simply visit Playstore and Update Whatsapp Beta.

If you have Whatsapp beta and you have updated but “Fingerprint Lock” feature is not showing, So I will recommend you to delete the app and re-install Whatsapp Beta.

How to Enable Fingerprint Lock in Whatsapp Beta

Note: Please check the you have the new Whatsapp Beta update 2.19.221, If you have not updated, Please update it via Google Playstore otherwise it will not work. Follow the below steps to enable Fingerprint Lock in Whatsapp.

  1. First of all, Open Whatsapp Beta and Go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy
  2. There you will see “Fingerprint Unlock” option, simply tap on it
  3. Now it will ask you to record your Fingerprint, Just place your finger on the scanner so that your fingerprint can be recorded.
  4. That’s it!! Once you enable it, you will need to touch the fingerprint sensor to verify every time you want to unlock WhatsApp.

So I wish you have enable this Fingerprint Lock option to secure your Whatsapp and You are enjoying this feature too. However Whatsapp Beta is enrolling new interesting features and this feature is coming in Whatsapp Android soon. Follow us for latest tech and tips like this. If you liked this article, Please share .

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