iOS 12.3.1 Update For iPhone & iPad : How To Download and Update

iOS 12.3.1 update is released by Apple this week. However this is a bug fixing update. Recently a week ago Apple released its iOS 12.3 update and many users updated their device. With the update of the device it caused some issues which most of the users faced.

Now apple is offering 12.3.1 update to solve those issues which most of the users are facing. This is a primarily a bug-fixing update and apple has made many changes in this update.

iOS 12.3.1 Update

If you have updated your iOS device recently so maybe you will be also facing problems like receiving VoLTE calls and messages problems etc. Apple has fixed these issues as you can below-

  • They fixes the VoLTE calls – now you can make or receive such calls without any problem
  • The other one is that they have fixed messages app previously it causes messages from unknown senders to appear in your conversation list. This happens even though Filer Unknown Senders is enabled
  • Now they have fixes the another problem that was the Report Junk link from appearing in your Messages list from unknown person
  • Also you will not receive various messages as spam from unknown sender

However this is not a big update and this is a bug fixing update in which apple fixes the problems like receiving VoLTE calls, spam messages and messages problems etc.

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How to Download & Update it

This is not too hard or you have not to do any download from third party site. You can update it easily on your iPhone or iPad. Please follow the below easy steps to update it.

First of all, go to Settings. Now click on General and then Software Update. Now there you will see information regarding this update. You have to only click on Download and Install button.

Now wait until it download from your cellular data or WiFi connection. After downloading it will ask you for reboot simply restart your device. That’s it!! your device is updated now.

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