Ditch The Rules And Make Your Own Video Wedding Invitation

A wedding is a special day in your life that you will always cherish. It is the happiest and most joyous day in anyone’s life and must be perfect. The build-up to the wedding is very tense. However, distributing cards or wedding invitation letters are so old school.

You need to ditch the old grandpa rules and create your video wedding invitation. It is your time to shine, living grand, and feeling like a star from a rom-com.

Why Do You Need to Create a Video Wedding Invitation?

It takes time to prepare a video wedding invitation, but it is worth the wait. You get to brag about the wedding in your friends, family, social circles, and even the elusive internet. You become the talk of the town and the gossip of the neighborhood.

People await your wedding with bated breath, and can’t wait to get awed by you at your wedding. It elevates your status to that of celebrities on the big screen.

Feel the Joy of Reunion

Weddings are a great time to meet up with friends, relatives, and acquaintances whom we haven’t met in a long time. A wedding invitation in advance helps everyone plan their schedule. In the end, the joy of reunion fills the air.

Free Publicity

A video wedding invitation creates a buzz. You can be sure about the fact that people who see your video wedding invitation will attend your wedding.

Ditch The Rules And Make Your Own Video Wedding Invitation

What Information Should a Video Wedding Invitation Contain?

  • A video wedding invitation must contain the following:
  • The names of the bride and groom, along with pictures, preferably together.
  • Request for the presence of guests, naming guests of honor, such as the best person at the wedding.
  • Arrival date, time, and venue for the wedding.
  • Reception details.
  • Dress code, if any.
  • RSVP date, which will help you to prepare for arrangements.

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What Constitutes a Wedding Invitation Video?

A wedding invitation video has carefully-curated pictures, music, and text. It also consists of background graphics, animation, and transitions. It may contain short videos and contact information. It may also include the contact details and event registration links to RSVP for the marriage.

What Do You Need to Make a Wedding Invitation Video?

simple video editor like Invideo can help you to make a video wedding invitation. It is necessary to keep it simple and less time consuming since you have a lot of other important things to do like shopping, getting everything organized, and preparing a list of invitees to receive the invitation before the wedding.

Properties of a Simple Editor for the Wedding Invitation Video

You will require video editing software that has the following properties:

  •  The video editing software must be able to accept, load, register, and open image, music, video, and other files.
  •  A multi-layered layout that can analyze, accept, and seamlessly operate multiple formats of text, music, audio, video, and transition effects, along with animation, to combine into a video.
  •  You can edit the created video on a timeline, that can play the video as well as help you to edit the various components making up the video and its keyframes.
  •  It should allow you to cut, split, join, or merge audio and video. You should be able to give custom effects and transitions to pictures and text and scale down their duration.
  •  Wedding invitation templates for creating videos easily, with minor editings, such as name change, background change, or image change.
  •  The video editing software should be able to perform brightness, sharpness, contrast, and color correction so that you look your best in the wedding invitation video.

Steps to Make a Good Wedding Invitation Video

1. Collection of Raw Data

Click multiple pictures, so that you can use the best pictures on your invitation video. Also, download plenty of stock photos and royalty-free images. Find the song or music for your invitation video. Collect quotes related to a happy married life and relationship goals for the text.

Prepare the final list of invitees and their email IDs, where you can send them the video. You can ignore it if you are simply going to tag them on photos on a social networking site.

2. Select From Your Collection List

Choose images from the collection data that will set the theme for the next special event. Keep in mind that the goal is to promote the wedding. If you lack good photos, go for items that resemble a marriage, such as a wedding cake.

3. Add a Picture of the Guest of Honor

Add a picture or a video of the bride and the groom, along with their parents, the Guest of Honor, and bridesmaids. Give them the attention they deserve.

4. Use Text to Greet and Provide Details for Guests

Start with a clear invitation to the guests. You may use phrases like ‘You’re invited’ or ‘Join us to celebrate.’ Give them proper details about the event so that they arrive at the right place and the right time. Mention the date, time, and location.

5. Conclude the Video

Use clips that will bring a smile to the faces of the guests. A compilation of funny moments or videos will be just fine.

Types of Wedding Invitation Videos

There are many types of wedding videos. Some videos show that marriage is a sign of trust, whereas some others document love stories. Some arranged marriage videos focus more on the increased family bonding between the bride and groom after the wedding. Then there are fancy videos that you can create in top locations around the world with its scenic beauty, from beaches to mountains and canyons.

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You can also engage in hobbies and activities from horseback rides together, or sharing a cup of coffee, and have them featured in your wedding invitation video. You can even tune them up a few notches for costume themed wedding invitations, such as superheroes.


A wedding invitation video helps set the mood for the marriage ahead. This eco-friendly way of not using paper is good for the environment as well since it does not use paper, spreading joy in more ways across numerous people and future generations of children as well.

Years later, you can still find the video along with your wedding video. You can recount the glorious days and tell your grandchildren the fairy tale of how you met your spouse and got hitched for life.

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