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Is Your Phone Not Ringing During Incoming Calls? Here’s How To Fix It

Are you missing your important incoming calls because your Your Phone Not Ringing During Incoming Calls. This can happen anytime with anyone so don’t get panic. Just read the full article and you will definitely fix your phone not ringing problem.

What Makes Your Phone Not Ringing During Calls

However there is not any specific reason for this query. Most of the users face this problem because they silenced their phone, left it on airplane or do not disturb mode, enabled call forwarding, they have rooted their phone or maybe any third party app is crating any issue.

As I said above that there is no any specific reason, It might be stop because your phone’s speaker or ringer is physically damaged. So we can’t repair your phone dude we can only guide you to fix this if it is not damaged.

How to Fix Your Non-Ringing Android Phone

You can easily follow our below methods to fix your android phone ringtone not working problem easily. We’ve mentioned some best and easy methods to fix this problem.

1. Check Volume is turned up

In your android phone, there are four sliders: media volume, call volume, ring volume and alarm volume. So check ring volume is turned up or it is not turned, turn up on its full volume. Ring volume is what you hear the ringtone volume during calls. If it is at 0% you can hear anything. You can easily turn on – go to home and then increase the volume with + media button.

2. Be sure You Have selected a ringtone, not silent.

As you all know that you can easily select any ringtone which you want. But sometimes it didn’t give what you want, it doesn’t play ringtone because if you’re using a third-party ringtone. Try to use ringtone from your phone built-in options and before applying it as ringtone be sure that it is playing properly and you are hearing.

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3. Check that Do Not Disturb is not Enabled


Sometimes it gets enable automatically as you have selected in settings. When DND is enable, you can’t receive any notifications or incoming calls. So first of all be sure that it is not enable, you can easily disable this by pulling down the top of the phone’s screen. Also check that it is not set to Turn or Automatically, you can check it via going to Settings > Sounds > Do Not Disturb > Turn on automatically. So if it is turn or kindle turn off..

4. Check that Airplane Mode is not Enabled

When this option is enable you can’t receive any incoming calls because in Airplane Mode all your calls are sent straight to voicemail. You can simply check it by pulling down the top of the phone’s screen. If it is enable simply disable it.

5. Verify that call forwarding isn’t turned on

When this option is enable some apps like Google Voice use this feature to forward your calls to voicemails. Also is this option is enable your calls maybe forwarded to a third-party calling app, such as Skype. You can easily check this via going to settings. Some older Android phones have a call forwarding settings. In your phone you can see in the calls & network settings.

6. Restart your phone because sometimes malicious apps infect your settings.

7. Try to remove unwanted apps which you don’t know or which are not trusted.

8. If any thing is not working for you, Try to factory reset and backup your phone Or Reboot your phone in safe mode.


So these are some best methods which can help you to fix Your Phone Not Ringing problem on incoming calls. If any method is not working for you, Try to visit any mobile repairing shop or customer care. Maybe the problem is in your ringer or speaker. Thanks for reading this article, Please share this to help us. Thank you!! 😉

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