PUBG Mobile Announced To Bring 6-hour Per Day Limit In India

As we all know that PUBG Mobile (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) is becoming one of the most talked about games in India and also it is famous for wrong reasons too.

It has been under scrutiny in India for all the controversies that happened due to the game, and a possible ban is underway.

Trying to cope with this, PUBG Mobile has decided to Let you play maximum of 6 hours per day to fight addiction In India.

PUBG Mobile Announced To Bring 6-hour Per Day Limit In India

More About PUBG Mobile 6 Hour Per Day Limit

Recently, many users noticed that the PUBG app is showing a health disclaimer which limits you from playing the game after 6 hours.

As per report by SportsKeeda, the PUBG app is popping up a health reminder if you have played the game for six hours. The message reads, β€œYou’ve played the game for 6 hours today, Please come back tomorrow at 5:30 AM.”

PUBG has not made any announcement regarding with this but many users have claimed to have received an alert message. Here are the some tweets regarding with this topic.

As per the report, The game is also supposed to ask whether the player is 18 years or older, suggesting maybe the PUBG Mobile daily limit might be for even fewer hours for younger gamers.

Few month ago, various students (around 18) were arrested in Gujarat for playing PUBG, following a ban imposed on the game in the state.

This limit is seems like a good idea so that the users would play fewer hours in the game for other productive hours. I think this limit will also
result in the upliftment of the ban and will better for both PUBG mobile and users.

What do you think about it, Please share your comment below and please tell us if you are also facing this limit.

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