Easiest Way to Sync Files to Dropbox Automatically

In the past few years, the cloud drive become more and more popular because of the flexible, easy to access, and comprehensive features for you to share and sync files between different devices, like Android phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and your computers.

Therefore, you might find that Dropbox has been one of the most praised cloud storage services. And to make your data safe, it’s necessary to backup files locally on different storage devices, and it’s highly recommended to backup files to the cloud, like Dropbox, and so on, to prevent data loss due to hard disk failure, power outage, human errors, virus attacks, malware, and more.

So, here comes the question, how to sync files to Dropbox in an easy way?

The Best Free Way to Sync Files to Dropbox

Now, we will show you the best free way to sync files and folders from your computer to Dropbox, that’s the free cloud backup service, CBackup. It’s a professional cloud backup solution, which allows you to backup or sync files from a computer to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many more.

Besides, it provides you the incremental backup to save your cloud storage and backup time, because it only syncs or backups the changed part since the last full backup instead of the whole file or folders.

And most importantly, you could set up useful features for your Dropbox sync task, like schedule backup and sync, email notification, and file filter, to smart your backup.

Now, let get started to sync files to Dropbox with CBackup:

Step 1. Add Dropbox to CBackup

  • Please download and install your computer, then sign up a free CBackup account and sign in.
  • Now, just hit the My Storage tab on the left, then press Add Clouds button.

Sync Files to Dropbox

  • Select Dropbox and hit Add, then complete the authority.
  • Complete the information of Dropbox on CBackup, like Cloud name and Storage path, tick Note option and hit OK to finish add Dropbox to CBackup.

Sync Files to Dropbox

Step 2. Sync Files to Dropbox Automatically

  • Press the Sync tab on the left control panel, then click Sync PC to Public Cloud option.


  • Select the local files and folders to sync, tick the Dropbox as the location to save files.
  • Click the Settings on the bottom left corner, go Scheduler > Set up a schedule sync for automated sync > choose a interval (daily, weekly, monthly or one time only) to sync files to Dropbox regularly.

Sync Files to Dropbox

Tips: There are some other settings you could configure, like Email notification and file filter, etc.

  • Tap the Start Sync button to sync local files to Dropbox automatically.

Backup Files to Dropbox Easily

It’s easy for you to complete the sync process with CBackup.

Backup Files to Dropbox Easily

As you know, Dropbox can backup your Desktop and Documents to the cloud, if you want to backup other folders outside the Dropbox folders, you have to manually move it to the Dropbox folder, and it will backup automatically. 

However, it’s not the ideal way to backup large amount of files. What should you do? CBackup will also do you a big favor. Because it’s not only back up your files and folders to Dropbox, but also backups partitions, entire hard disk, and everything on your computer to Dropbox at a time, just try it for free:

  • Click Backup > Backup PC to Public Cloud subsequently.

Backup Files to Dropbox Easily

  • Select the files on your computer, even everything as the source, and tick Dropbox as the destination to save the backup files.

Backup Files to Dropbox Easily

  • Press the Start Backup button to backup files to Dropbox easily.

Now, it’s quite easy to operate no matter what you backup to Dropbox or sync to Dropbox.

Except for the above features, you could enjoy other useful functions to protect your data better:

  • Combine multiple cloud storage spaces into one huge cloud space, then back up files to the combined cloud.
  • Sync files or everything from one cloud to another cloud without downloading and reuploading.
  • Cloud to cloud backup to prevent data loss, and restore any files quickly.

To Sum Up

Just try the easiest way to sync files to Dropbox regularly, like daily, weekly, or monthly, even at the specific time that you configured, easy your data protection and smart your backup. If you would like to backup files locally, just take the best backup software a shot.

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