Apple to Launch Three 5G Support iPhones in 2020: Report

Apple is going to launch Three 5G Support iPhones in next year i.e 2020.  Ming-Chi Kuo shared this information on the internet and reveals that Apple is going to launch three iPhone which will support 5G. These phones are expected to come in next year 2020.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that two of three phones will support 5G features but we can expect that all of three will support 5G. There are many reasons which proves to launch all iPhones with 5G support. Recently, during a launch event, Xiaomi, Samsung and Realme companies are working on 5G and they will soon launch their phone with 5G support.

Seeing the trend, Apple also decided to launch their phones with 5G support. This is gonna level up the entire technology, experience, internet speed, voice call improvement and network capacity.

Apple’s 5G Support iPhones Details

Kuo says that he expects all 3 new iPhone models returning in 2020 to support each mmWave and Sub-6GHz spectrum to fulfill the necessities of the yankee market, however it’s not clear if Apple can launch a 5G iPhone that solely supports Sub-6GHz, which might give a lower cost. He says Apple might not have enough development resources for such a project.

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For those unacquainted 5G networks, there are literally 2 completely different sorts of 5G. mmWave technology is that the super quick 5G that is most frequently talked regarding, however not all 5G networks square measure planning to use mmWave technology altogether areas as a result of it is best suited to denser urban areas.

Along with 5G technology, the 2020 iPhones may well be on the market in new sizes. in an exceedingly previous note, Kuo same that Apple goes to unharness five.4 and 6.7-inch high-end iPhones with OLED displays together with a vi.1-inch model with AN OLED show. additional info on what to expect within the 2020 iPhones are often found within the dedicated what is next section of our 2019 iPhone roundup.

However all telecom operators in India — Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea — are gearing up for these 5G trials. So you can get 5G support in India soon and Three 5G Support iPhones in next year.


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