Download Tinder Lite And Save Your Phone Memory; Now Available In India

Now use Tinder Lite and Swipe as you can without any problem and without getting your phone memory overload. Recently CEO Mandy Ginsberg announced the launch of the app called “Tinder Lite”. He said that it is the smaller version of the flagship tinder app.

However, it was first announced in the Match Group’s earnings call with investors. Many companies launch their app in lite version so they can easily serve their features to users very easily. Many people don’t want to download app having too much MB size. App containing large size also sometime reduces speed of phone.

You have seen many apps like Facebook lite, TikTok Lite, LinkedIn Lite, Instagram Lite. The lite version of the app helps to take onboard rapidly growing online users. It fascinates users to download the app in small size and helps to use the app without any problem.

Tinder Lite Features:-

There are many reasons to launch this app. As I said in this tech era, Lite apps fulfill the needs of the users where data usage, bandwidth, and storage space is a concern. Now with the lite app you will be able to swipe and it will allow to find your perfect partner.

CEO Mandy Ginsberg said that “We are excited about the Tinder Lite app that will be coming soon. It’s a big step forward addressing the needs of consumers there,

In the lite app you will not be able to access more features as the Tinder app. In this app they will remove the heaviest features of the app and you will get only some main features to focus on the core experience of swiping and matching.

Download Tinder Lite:-

However the lite version is not launched yet. According to CEO Mandy Ginsberg, the lite version is coming soon. She also mentioned that the app will be light to use and consume less of your phone memory size.

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