Free Fire 99999 Diamond Hack 2022 – Free Fire Diamond Generator Apps

Free Fire Diamond Hack

Are you searching for Free Fire 99999 diamond hack, then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you some legit ways to avail the Free Fire diamonds and How To Get Free Top up Without Hack without getting banned.

Howdy Free Fire lovers, Hope you all are doing well. There is no doubt that Free Fire has become one of the most played games. This game has gained many users because of its ultra-quality graphics, gameplay, audio quality, movement speed, etc.

Developers of Free Fire always try to give the best to their players so they roll out important updates every month. Also, they have secured their servers so no one can’t bypass the game rules. But don’t worry, here you will get some working methods to get Garena Free Fire Unlimited Diamond.

How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire – Free Fire Diamond Generator

As you all know that you need diamonds to unlock characters, buy weapon skins, costume bundles, elite passes, pets, and other items. But you have to pay money in order to get diamonds. Everyone can’t afford too much money on buying diamonds, so here we have mentioned some free and legit ways to get Free Fire Diamonds for free.

Also, we have covered the “Free Fire 99999 Diamond Hack 2022” topic and the truth behind this. I bet that you will definitely get FF diamonds for free without paying any money.

What are Free Fire Diamonds?

Free Fire Diamond is an in-gaming currency in the Garena Free fire game. Diamonds can be used to buy all the premium items such as characters, weapon skins, costume bundles, Emotes, Pets, elite passes, etc.

Free Fire Diamond Hack
Free Fire Diamond Hack

You need diamonds in order to purchase those paid items, and there is a specific price for every item. You can easily see the diamond required to get that item on the screen. But getting diamonds for free is not quite easy.

A player has to pay some money in order to get Free fire diamonds that is called Top-up. There is a specific price for diamonds quantity. You can easily see the price list of Free fire diamonds under the TOP-UP option. Click on the diamond icon on the top of the screen and there you can see the price list.

Select the diamond quantity from the list and pay the money from your suitable payment option. Diamonds will be added to your Free Fire account within seconds.

You can use those diamonds to unlock paid items. But if you looking for some free ways to generate Free Fire 99999 Diamond, then you are at the right place.

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Here you can add up to 100000 diamonds to your Free Fire account using some legit ways such as Google Play Store Promotional Offer, Events, Special Offers, Giveaways, Free Fire Topup offer, Free fire Diamonds hacking tools, FF Diamonds generator script, etc.

Free Fire 99999 Diamond Hack 2022

Note: We do not recommend using these types of hacks to generate diamonds. Garena is a legit gaming company and they spend lots of money & effort to make this game more effective. We only share safe and 100% legit ways to get FF diamonds.

However, if you want to use hacking scripts, we can guide you to further steps that will help you to get diamonds.

Note: Please don’t use your Personal Free Fire Id on diamond generator tools or you may lose your account. Your account can be easily hacked so use any guest account.

  • First of all, Search “Free Fire Diamonds Generator Tool” on Google.
  • There you can see many results, click on any top websites.
  • Now you will have to log in to your Free Fire account via Facebook or username.
  • Choose a platform like Android, iOS, or PC.
  • Then choose the number of diamonds you want like 99999.
  • Click on the Generate button and it will start generating diamonds.
  • To claim these diamonds, you will have to finish the Human verification which is very hard.
  • If luckily you finish the Human verification or surveys, 99999 diamonds will be added to your Free Fire gaming account.

So these are some easy steps to get 99999 diamonds for free. Although it is not easy to pass the verification there are many apps and websites that claim to give free diamonds. However, we do not recommend you to use these types of ways because it is illegal and risky.

Best Free Ways to Get Free Fire Diamonds & Premium items.

There is nothing that you can get for free as with Free Fire you will have to spend some money and you will get diamonds. Not only diamonds, but you can also get skins, bundles, emotes, etc for free. Here are some best & legit ways to get Free Fire diamonds for free.

Top-up Special Airdrop to get Up to 5000 diamonds & Items.

Free Fire offers you a special airdrop at Flat 95% off in which you can get up to 5000 diamonds for Rs 100 only. This offer remains only for some time you can see it at the bottom of the game screen with countdown.

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Special airdrops appear when you perform best in gameplay. There is not any specific time or way to claim this offer, it appears every week. You can get 300 diamonds with skins, bundles, and emotes for just Rs 10. After claiming this special airdrop, you will get a chance to get up to 500 diamonds at Rs 29.

You will be receiving these special airdrops every week so be regular to the game and don’t lose the chance to claim up to 5000 diamonds for free.

Steps to claim diamonds from Special Airdrops

  • Login to your Free Fire game.
  • If you see there is any Special Airdrop icon on the bottom of the screen, click on that offer.
  • Now you will be redirected to Google Play Store In-App purchase.
  • If you haven’t filled in your personal details before, then you will have to fill in all the details.
  • Then you will be asked to pay the amount.
  • Select your suitable payment option such as Debit or Credit card, Netbanking, or UPI.
  • After paying the amount, you will be redirected back to the game home screen.
  • There you can see diamonds will be added to your Free Fire account.

Use Google Play Redeem Code to Get Free Diamonds

If you make transactions through the Google Play store then it gives you free Redeem codes and promotional offers. You can use these redeem codes to Free Fire game and you will get diamonds, emotes, bundles, skins, etc.

However, there is not any specific way to get Redeem codes, you will receive them automatically in your Google play store account. Sometimes Google offers Rs. 140 or Rs. 320 discount for the first-time payment. There is not any specific time or date to get Google Play Redeem codes, you will have to check it daily. If you see any codes then you can exchange them in diamonds by following the below steps.

  • Open the Google Play Store and Tap on the User icon on the top right side.
  • Now click on Notifications & offers.
  • Navigate to the Offers section. If you see any offer there click to claim it.
  • Once you claim the offer, it will be activated and credited to your Google Play account.
  • Now open the Free Fire game & Select diamonds top-up value of this offer.
  • Use the redeem code or offer at the time of Payment.
  • You will get a huge discount, pay the remaining amount through your suitable payment option.

Legit Ways to Get Free Fire 99999 Diamond

Subscribe to Free Fire Membership to Get 60 diamonds daily.


If you are not finding any suitable option to get diamonds, then Free Fire provides you daily 60 diamonds at reasonable prices. You have to just subscribe to their Weekly or Monthly Membership.

Weekly Membership costs Rs.159 in which you will get 60 diamonds daily (420 in total).

Monthly Membership costs Rs.399 in which you will get 60 diamonds daily + 100 diamonds instantly (1900 in total).

If you are planning to subscribe to their membership, so subscribe to their Monthly membership because you will get 100 diamonds instant bonus.

How to Subscribe to Free Fire Membership:

  • Open Free Fire game.
  • Click on the Diamond icon on the top-middle of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Membership option from the menu.
  • Now click on Weekly or Monthly Membership.
  • Select your suitable payment option such as Debit or Credit card, Netbanking, or UPI.
  • Pay the amount & your premium membership will be activated to your account.
  • Now you will receive daily 60 diamonds.

Complete Online survey & Get Diamonds

There are lots of websites that provide your real cash when you complete their surveys. You can exchange these cash for Free fire diamonds and can unlock all the premium characters, bundles emote, etc.

Free Fire 99999 Diamond Hack 2022
Free Fire 99999 Diamond Hack 2022

Here we have mentioned some legit and spam-free websites where you can easily get Google Play credits after completing their surveys. You can use these Google Play credits vouchers to buy up to 99999 diamonds.

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Not only Google Play credits, but Crownit also provides up to Rs. 500 on completing surveys. You can use this cash to your UPI wallet and can use them to buy Free Fire diamonds.

Some Legit Online Surveys websites:

  • Google Task Mate
  • Crownit
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Taskbucks

In-game Events

How To Get Free Top up Without Hack
How To Get Free Top up Without Hack

Garena always comes with different types of In-game events where you can get a lot of diamonds, bundles, skins, emotes, and can also unlock a character. Usually, they start these events on some festivals, weekly or monthly, and you can definitely get many premium items daily for free.

You will have to participate in these events and check regularly if there is any new item for you. Be alert on famous festivals like Holi & Deewali, you can also get a chance to unlock DJ Alok’s character for free.

Open these events daily, complete the missions, challenges, and claim the rewards. The best part of these events is that you don’t have to pay any single penny.


Is it possible to get 99999+ diamonds in Free Fire 2022?

Absolutely not. There are not any legit or hack tools that may help you to get 99999 free diamonds in your Free Fire account. You will have to spend so much money in order to get such types of diamonds.

Can I get a discount on purchasing diamonds?

Yes, you can get special discounts on purchasing diamonds in Free Fire. Visit the shop tap in the Free Fire game every day or complete the missions you get in the gameplay. Also, you may get some huge discounts by buying diamonds from third-party websites like Gameskarido or etc.

What is Free Fire Diamond Hack Generator without Human Verification?

Look there are lots of tools and websites that claim they provide Free Fire diamonds for free. But in order to get the diamonds, you will have to complete their human verification first. This is the has part because completing the verification is not easy. Even if you manage to verify the options, there are no chances that you will get free fire diamonds.

Is it safe to use Free Fire Diamond generator tools in 2022?

Definitely not. If you are thinking to use such types of diamond generator tools then you are risking your Free Fire account. Gerena will easily ban your account permanently because they have secured their servers and they are closing accounts of players who use hacks and tricks in their account.


We do not recommend any kind of hacks to generate diamonds. Garena is a legit gaming company and they spend lots of money & effort to make this game more effective. Free Fire bans million of players’ IDs for using hack play types of equipment. So don’t use any type of hack or illegal way to generate diamonds otherwise you will lose your account for a lifetime.


So these are some best and legit ways to get free fire diamonds. Free Fire 99999 Diamond Hack is not a legal option to generate diamonds. You can get a lot of diamonds by paying some money, using survey methods, participating in events, etc.

I hope you liked this article and you got a lot of diamonds in your Free Fire game account. Please share this article with your friends and get a chance to win Google Play voucher codes from us.


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