Google Removed TikTok From Play Store In Following Government Order

Google has removed TikTok, world’s most popular video app form the Google Play Store in India following the Madras High Court Ban on TikTok. You can not download and install tiktok app form app store and play store.

Apple has also been ordered to remove the app from app store, plans to comply this week. Tiktok which has 120+ Millions users from India got removed for Play store now.

Recently, TikTok, operated by Chinese conglomerate Bytedance urged the high court to remove the ban on tiktok but the Madrass High Court Refused to remove the ban and ordered Google and Apple to remove the app from their respective App Stores.

TikTok, which is a craze for everyone has been removed form Play Store but iOS users can now install it from App Store. Apple has planned to comply this ban later this week.

While the app is not on the Play store but existing users can use it and can make and publish their video. After the app was removed from Play store, The Court is pressurizing Apple to remove the app from App Store.

Why Google Removed TikTok From Play Store In India

The court said that Tiktok encourages pornography and exposes minors to inappropriate content. Court also ordered social media sources to stop telecasting videos related to TikTok.

The Court said  “It is evident from media reports that pornography and inappropriate contents are made available in this kind of cyber applications. The children are exposed to strangers and there is a possibility of the photographs, and other private details of the children are being landed in the hands of predators or third parties,

What do you think about this ban on tiktok. Do you favor the Court decision or note.

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