How to Install Google Camera on Realme X : Download (Gcam App)

Have you recently bought Realme X and wants to get High quality Images. Download and Install Google Camera (Gcam App) on Realme X and get HDR+, High Quality Portrait images on your Realme X phone.

Moreover Chinese smartphone company Oppo’s sub-brand, Realme launched their all-new budget-friendly flagship smartphone Realme X in India with Pop-up selfie camera. The company set the market price of this phone at Rs. 20,000 in Indian Market. People are loving its best specification, camera setup, software, processor and Android version.

However the all new Realme X features pop-up selfie camera and in-display fingerprint scanner, and the best thing is that it captures beautiful images with the 48-megapixel camera setup at the back.

Wants to improve your Realme X phone’s images quality, then you all have to do is Just install Google Camera in your mobile phone and see the Magic.

Google Camera on Realme X Features:

Google Camera just open the all real and hidden features of your camera and also it increases the capability of your mobile’s camera. It has many features that you will love, so let’s have a look on its some best features.

  • HDR+  This feature allows your phone to take multiple high quality shots instead of single picture. Then your phone gathers more data of the image and serves you the best High Quality image also in low-light or back-light scenes.
  • Night Sight  When this feature is enable, it simply captures the nearly-dark scenes in almost no light and serves you the best High Quality images. It is capable to capture numerous shots at a bunch of exposure settings.
  • Super Res Zoom  Whenever you zoom in a picture, then it pixels start blurring. But Google Camera uses 2x digital zoom technology and your pictures remains sharp whenever you zoom in.
  • Portrait – If you have noticed the specification of Realme X so dual camera setup is back of the phone and It has best Portrait mode too. But GCamera uses technology called Dual Pixel and it removes the unnecessary things and blur from your background.
  • Top Shot – Whenever you capture a new images, it suggests you to select a better shot than the one you have clicked.

How to Download & Install Google Camera on Realme X

We have discovered two versions of this app, so you can choose anyone. If you are not satisfy with this app so you can check the other one which I have listed below. All of both apps are trusted and virus free and they are available on Google Drive. You can easily download and Install them via below given link.

Version – 1

Step 1– First of all, Download the GCam.apk Version 1 From below button. Then open the location where app is downloaded and Install the app in Your android mobile.

GCam Version 1

Step 2– After successfully installation the Gcam on Realme X, Simply open the Google Camera app.

Now you will have to change some settings of the Gcam so you will get better image quality. To do so just check the below steps.

  1. First of all, Open the app and Click on More option and then open Camera Settings
  2. Open BSG MOD settings>> Input Model
  3. Change -Interface Style – Pixel 2
  4. Now set Back Camera- Pixel 3 XL and Front Camera – Nexus 6P(Angler Huwaei)
  5. Configurations- PIXEL2018 ZSLR HDR+
  6. Go back – Enable Google Photos
  7. Disable Zoom (Preferably)
  8. Enable HDR+ Enhanced in Portrait Mode
  9. Open Saturation
  10. (Back Camera)Highlight Saturation – 2.3Shadow Saturation – 1.8

    (Front Camera)

    Highlight Saturation – 1.0

    Shadow Saturation – 1.6

  11. Restart the app and enjoy the full features.

Version – 2

Step 1– First of all, Download the GCam.apk Version 2 From below button and download and Install the app in Your android mobile.


[wpsm_button color=”btncolor” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”download” class=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”]Download GCam Version 2[/wpsm_button]

Step 2– After successfully installation open the Google Camera app and change the settings.

  1. First, Open BSG MOD Settings
  2. Open Saturation
  3. (Back Camera)Highlight Saturation – 2.2Shadow Saturation – 2.1

    (Front Camera)

    Highlight Saturation – 2.0

    Shadow Saturation – 2.6

  4. Turn ON the Enhanced HDR+ in Portrait Mode
  5. Go back to Camera Settings again
  6. Go to Advanced option
  7. Enable the HDR+ Control option
  8. Go to BSG MOD Settings again
  9. Select the Remove AF Data From Screen
  10. Restart the app.

So I hope this article How to Install Google Camera on Realme X helped you and You installed GCam in your Realme X phone. If you have any query regarding this, Simply let us know via comment section.

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