This Is How I Monetized My Pool of Connections on Facebook

Making an additional income from home is something we all dream of and enjoy. With the rise of technology, there is a chance for us to do this easily. We do not need to depend on an agent to find us work.

There are many apps that we can use from the comfort of our homes that can contribute a large chunk towards our income. It is an app like that, that changed my life.

My Story

I have a corporate job that takes up most of my day but still fails to give my family or me a comfortable life. As I was struggling to make ends meet, I decided that it was time to take things into my hands and make my dream of becoming an entrepreneur into a reality. At first, it felt impossible, but with the right tools, I made it work.

I used the groups on Facebook, my network of friends and family and made many online sales in the last year. This has given me the additional income I need to pursue my interests.

What helped me monetize my Facebook connections was the Selltm App. I connected it to my Facebook account and watched my connections increase. When you are selling to people in your network, the trust factor is higher, and sales are more comfortable.

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The platform of Selltm is very functional and easy to use. The advantage is that I was able to sell the goods of my choice, and I knew the people I was selling to personally. At first, sales felt like a hard job to do, but when my connections became stable and I began getting inventive with my resales, the profit was terrific.

During festivals, I made sure to sell useful household things that could be used as gifts, and I tried to make it as affordable as possible. We, as Indians have a tendency to hoard a lot of things we bought but never used. These things can be used to our benefit by reselling them.

Managing My Sales

1. Facebook Groups

Groups on Facebook where we have spent many hours sharing jokes; became the number one source of monetization for me. I would usually post on Facebook groups in the evening or at night. This time worked to my advantage as most users would be active on their phones at this time.

I would make sure to understand the nature of the group and post only relevant products on them. Then with the help of Selltm, I would turn these leads to customers.

Facebook groups give notifications to active users about the activities which brought more people to my product sales. It is useful to be part of a group where you know the majority of the people.

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For example, a college-friends group or an exercise group. It was not just easier to sell the products, but I was also able to talk to them personally and clear any doubts they might have. This also makes the transactions personal and not like an advertisement.

Some groups on Facebook have guidelines about posting content. They do not appreciate the use of groups for sales or marketing of products. One should ideally not post on such groups as it could lead to banning of your profile from them.

I looked for groups that fit the interests of my products and joined those groups. I did not need to look too far for my target audience; they were already present in the group. I joined many groups about electronics as that was my primary interest.

There is a group for each interest, and it is straightforward to find them too. Using such groups, I was able to build a robust network of buyers who also share the details with their friends.

2. Facebook Marketplace

I also used the Facebook Marketplace as an exceptional point of sale. This is a virtual market where anyone can post ad listings, and advertise products. I used the photos from the Selltm App and posted them on these marketplaces.

Facebook marketplace is a good option since it is a platform that is designed for such a process. I noticed that I found more buyers in the marketplace then I could in a group.

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It took me a few days to find the right kind of audience for myself, but after some trial and error, I was able to get constant business. The Marketplace is also straightforward to use and understand.

3. Personal Profile

Lastly, I used my profile as an excellent place for sales. If any festivals or occasions were around the corner, I would use my profile to sell for that date.

Since everyone buys new items during the festival seasons, I make sure that the first post they see is from me. Being on their friends’ list also makes my proposition more trustworthy than a shop. Through the Selltm App people in my locality also got to know about this and contributed to my business.


With the help of Selltm and wisely using the available audience on Facebook, I was able to make a significant change to my lifestyle. I was making an additional income every month without having to leave the sofa in my house. At first, the process seemed very difficult, but after a few months, I felt like a professional reseller.

I’ve also recently recommended the application to my close family members in other cities. Since this app is easy to use and easy to learn, many have been active on it. You can also consider this as your primary source of income if you are willing to put effort into making the sales and finding different avenues.

I had never imagined that it would be so simple to make some extra money. Since I’ve started reselling, I’ve not had the struggle for wealth or had to cut back on my spending.

It is through this business idea and Selltm that I improved my living conditions without stepping outside my house and losing time with my family.

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